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Protection Bracelet - Tiger Eye

Protection Bracelet - Tiger Eye

combines protection and confidence, helping you overcome obstacles with strength and serenity.

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Harmony and Protection Inspired by Nature

The LunaLuz Tiger Eye Energy Bracelet is much more than a piece of jewelry, it is a piece charged with natural energy and deep meanings. Inspired by the treasures of nature, this bracelet is designed to accompany you in your quest for harmony and protection on a daily basis.

Tiger's Eye is a semi-precious stone known for its protective and energizing properties.


  • Acts like a protective shield
  • Promotes concentration
  • Brings Mental Clarity and Focus


    • Energy Protection: It acts as an energy shield, helping to ward off negative energies and build self-confidence.
    • Energy Boost: Tiger's Eye is known to increase motivation, vitality and endurance, helping you overcome the challenges of daily life.
    • Mental Clarity: It promotes focus, mental clarity and informed decision-making, allowing you to approach situations with confidence and insight.


    Natural Tiger Eye

    Bead dimensions: Approximately 8 mm

    Strap Length: Stretchy, fits most wrists

    Usage tips

    How to Wear the Bracelet

    Put on the Tiger Eye Energy Bracelet to benefit from its protective and stimulating properties throughout the day. Use it as a reminder of your positive intentions, whether to boost your confidence, bring energy to your activities, or simply to connect to the power of nature.

    Let the strength and natural beauty of Tiger's Eye accompany you on your journey of fulfillment and harmony. Order your Tiger Eye Energy Bracelet now and experience the magic of this exceptional stone.

    Note: Stones and crystals are natural elements, their appearance may vary slightly from one bracelet to another.

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