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Joy Bracelet - Citrine

Joy Bracelet - Citrine

Promotes positivity, abundance by inspiring you to cultivate joy

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Awaken your positive Energy and promote abundance in all aspects of your Life!

This exquisite creation combines timeless elegance with the positivity of Citrine, a precious stone known for its radiant properties and ability to balance emotions.

This piece of jewelry is designed to connect you to the positive, radiant vibration of Citrine, a gemstone associated with joy, prosperity and abundance.


  • Promotes joy and vitality
  • Stimulates creativity and self-confidence 
  • Brings radiant energy 
  • Balances emotions and encourages positivity


  • Joy and Positivity : Citrine is often called the “Stone of Joy” because of its power to bring positive vibrations and chase away negative thoughts.
  • Abundance and Prosperity : It is associated with the attraction of wealth and abundance, both on a material and spiritual level.
  • Emotional Balance: Citrine helps balance emotions, reduce stress and promote a calm and serene state of mind.
  • Self-Confidence : It strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem, thus encouraging a positive attitude towards life.


Natural Citrine

Bead dimensions: Approximately 8 mm

Strap Length: Stretchy, fits most wrists

Usage tips

Put on the Joie de Vivre Bracelet - Citrine to enjoy its energetic benefits every day. Wear it during your meditations, yoga sessions or simply to add a touch of color and vitality to your outfits.

Elevate your mood and cultivate a positive attitude with the power of Citrine.

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