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Love Bracelet - Rose Quartz

Love Bracelet - Rose Quartz

Promotes love of self and others while providing a touch of elegance to your wrist.

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Diffuse an Aura of Love and Tenderness

This exquisite creation combines timeless elegance with the softness of rose quartz, a precious stone known for its calming properties and its ability to open the heart, heal sorrows and disappointments.

Natural rose quartz pearls, carefully chosen, intertwine gracefully to form this exceptional jewel.


  • Promotes tenderness and self-love
  • Awakens compassion and relational harmony
  • Brings comforting energy
  • Balances emotions and encourages inner peace


    • Unconditional Love: Rose Quartz is often associated with love, whether towards oneself, towards others or towards life in general.
    • Emotional Calming: This stone is used to calm emotions, reduce stress and promote a feeling of inner peace.
    • Healing the Heart: Rose Quartz is considered a powerful emotional healer, helping to release past wounds and open the heart to new experiences.
    • Relational Harmony: It strengthens emotional bonds and encourages harmonious relationships based on understanding and compassion.


    Natural Rose Quartz

    Bead dimensions: Approximately 8 mm

    Strap Length: Stretchy, fits most wrists

    Usage tips

    Put on the Sweetness and Love Bracelet - Rose Quartz to benefit from its daily benefits. Wear it during moments of meditation, relaxation or simply as a constant reminder of the love around you.

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    • Tendresse & Amour de Soi

      Le Quartz Rose incite à cultiver la tendresse envers soi-même, favorisant un amour propre empreint de douceur.

    • Pierre du chakra du Coeur

      En renforçant le Chakra du Cœur, cette pierre précieuse contribue à établir des liens émotionnels plus harmonieux avec les autres.

    • Equilibre les émotions

      Equilibre les émotions et apporte une sérénité bienfaisante à chaque instant.

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