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Energy Candle - Terra

Energy Candle - Terra

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Enjoy a moment of grounding and deep protection thanks to the Terra candle.

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Feel grounded & protected!

Thanks to the benefits of plants and the powers of minerals, this candle accompanies your daily life to help you feel grounded and protected. 

Imagine lighting the Terra candle, then immersing yourself in a state of deep protection. 

Treat yourself to this moment of Anchoring & Protection thanks to the Terra candle.


  • Feelings of anchoring and protection
  • Promotes relaxation and balance 
  • Acts like a protective shield


Pine essential oil
  • Feeling of flow
  • Stress relief
  • Strengthening Vitality
Tiger's Eye Stone
  • Energy protection
  • Self-confidence
  • Balance and stability


Pine essential oil & fir grass fragrance.


  • Soy vegetable wax
  • Pine scent
  • Siberian fir essential oil (Abies Sibirica)
  • Eye of tiger
  • Dried flowers
  • Beech Wood Wick

Capacity: 130ml (35 hours of diffusion)
Diameter: 9cm
Height: 6cm


Cut the wick to 1cm before each use.
Place a support under your candles to protect your surfaces. Keep your lit candles out of the reach of children and animals. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Keep your candles away from flammable sources or objects. Keep your candles away from drafts. Never handle your candles when the wax is hot. Take care to ventilate the room after each use. Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects. Avoid release into the environment.
Can produce an allergic reaction.

Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women or in children under 7 years old and people with epilepsy.

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  • Sapin

    Senteur : frais, boisé, revigorant


    Vertus : Arbre le plus vieux qui existe, il créé un sentiment d'ancrage et d'enracinement.

  • Oeil de tigre

    Renforce l'équilibre émotionnel et favoriser l'ancrage. Propriétés stabilisantes, aidant à rester centré dans les situations difficiles. Elle apporte force intérieure et confiance.

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The power of fir scent and the energy of minerals.

The Terra candle is infused with a subtle synergy of fir essential oils, releasing a woody and invigorating scent that awakens your senses. Carefully selected minerals, such as Tiger's Eye, infuse your space with their protective and calming energies.

questions fréquentes

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How do the essential oils work in my candle?

Each essential oil carries a sum of energy waves (positive/negative ions), just like a waterfall, a storm or even a tree.

Essential oil appeals to our archaic senses: smell and touch to which the intellect does not have direct access.

When diffused in the atmosphere, aromas send olfactory signals to the limbic system of the brain capable of stimulating “emotions”.

In doing so, the limbic system directs the production of immune substances and hormones.

Why Soy Wax?

At LunaLuz, we guarantee the use of 100% natural and vegetable wax.

Our wax does not emit any toxic substances. The culture is exclusively European and is guaranteed without GMOs or pesticides.

The wax used is a renewable resource, it is healthy, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

What are the stones used for?

Like a magnet, the stones carry within them a frequency that resonates with those emitted by your body. Thus, they attract or repel elements linked to their known benefits.

What should I do once my candle burns out?

Once your candle is burned, use lukewarm water and clean your pot easily.

Dip the stones in hot water, then, placed in a receptacle, they will then continue to diffuse their specific vibrations.

You can then use your bowl as an infusion cup or plant small seeds in a little soil, and your bowl serves as a flower pot 🪴

Quelle est la durée de combustion des bougies ?

Environs 35h de combustion vous seront offertes avec votre bougie.

  • 100% fait main

    Coulées à la main dans des pots eux-même façonnés, signés à la main

  • Ambiance Unique

    La danse d'une flamme, le crépitement d'un feu, l'odeur d'une fleur, sensation chaleureuse

  • 100% Naturels

    Cire de Soja & Mèche en bois

    Synergie unique à base de pierres, fleurs et huiles essentielles

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