Our know-how

Discover our exceptional know-how at LunaLuz, where each discipline is practiced with passion, dedication and a deep respect for the treasures of nature.


Our pottery know-how is anchored in artisanal tradition, where each piece is crafted with meticulousness and creativity. Our creator, Savana, masters the art of modeling clay to give birth to unique accessories, charged with energy and beauty. Each pattern, each texture is carefully thought out to create objects that combine aesthetics and functionality.


In our practice of aromatherapy, we have immersed ourselves in the world of essential oils, these wonderful concentrates of benefits. Our aromatherapy experts carefully select pure, natural essential oils, and combine them with precision to create aromatic synergies that stimulate the senses, soothe the mind and promote well-being.


Lithotherapy is an ancestral art that we master with passion. We believe in the power of stones and their energetic properties. Our artisan lithotherapists meticulously select each stone for its color, composition and specific virtues. They combine them harmoniously with our creations to create jewelry and accessories that awaken and balance inner energies.


At LunaLuz, we have also developed our expertise in olfactotherapy. We understand the profound power of scents on our emotions and well-being. We design unique olfactory compositions from natural extracts, thus creating captivating sensory ambiances. Each scent is designed to uplift the spirit, soothe the soul and stimulate the senses.

Wax maker:

We make premium quality artisanal candles, using carefully selected natural waxes. Each candle is handcrafted, with particular attention to detail and fragrance. LunaLuz candles illuminate your living space with soft, fragrant light, creating a warm and soothing ambiance.

At LunaLuz, our commitment to these skills is guided by our love for creation, nature and the well-being of our customers. Each piece we design is the result of expertise acquired over time, limitless passion and a deep respect for artisanal traditions.