• Earn attractive commissions

    Every sale you generate through your referral link earns you a generous commission. The more you sell, the more you earn!

  • Growth Opportunities

    We offer special growth and collaboration opportunities for our most engaged Ambassadors. Be recognized and rewarded for your exceptional performance.

  • Exclusive access

    Ambassadors will have privileged access to the brand's new products, special promotions and exclusive events. They will be among the first to discover and try the new LunaLuz products.

Become an Ambassador now.

How can I become a LunaLuz Ambassador?

To become a LunaLuz Ambassador, simply fill out the contact form available on our website. Once your request is submitted, our team will review your application and inform you of your Ambassador status.

Are there specific criteria to become an Ambassador?

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about natural beauty, emotional well-being and our LunaLuz brand. There are no strict criteria, but we value engagement, creativity and the ability to share your experience with our community.

What are the advantages of being a LunaLuz Ambassador?

As an Ambassador, you will benefit from sales discounts, additional product discounts, exclusive access to new products and promotions, gifts and surprises, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with LunaLuz on special projects. You will also join an engaged community and have access to personalized support and support.

How does the referral program work?

Our sponsorship program allows Ambassadors to receive a monetary reward equal to 5% of the sale amount for each sale generated using their personalized promo code.

How can I track my sales and commissions?

We provide you with a dedicated dashboard where you can monitor your sales, your commissions and the evolution of your performance as an Ambassador. You will have easy and transparent access to all the necessary information.

How long does the Ambassador program last?

The LunaLuz Ambassador program is designed to be a long-term collaboration. As long as you meet the program requirements and maintain your commitment as an Ambassador, you will be able to continue enjoying the benefits and participating in our special activities.

I become a LunaLuz Ambassador

Meet our LunaLuz Ambassadors!

We are excited to introduce you to our incredible team of LunaLuz Ambassadors, inspiring souls who share our passion for natural wellness and inner harmony.

Each of our ambassadors embodies the spirit of LunaLuz by bringing their unique touch to our caring community.

"LunaLuz, for me, is the desire and the desire to (re)connect with oneself, and with Nature", Mathilde - 22 years old.

A young woman fulfilled in her professional and personal life, Mathilde is passionate about photos, decoration and well-being - follow her on @mathilde.hmr

“Choosing LunaLuz, for me, is choosing to reconnect with oneself, it is choosing this balance which is necessary for us to live well”, Marie.

LunaLuz is the invitation to well-being in every home where it is present. It is also the rebalancing of present energies which harmonize our souls and bring in a gentle light of life and peace. Because inner well-being begins with these small gestures, these small everyday details which are not so much. It must be our philosophy of life, a choice made to move towards tranquility and away from the stress that life imposes on us today.

“LunaLuz, these are handmade creations that accompany you every day”, Maïlys.

Maïlys, childcare assistant, is passionate about health & well-being. She also specializes in perinatal care. For her, gentleness & kindness are key words. @benfaits_pour_vous

“Much more than a pretty concept, LunaLuz constitutes a true philosophy of Life”, Ingrid.

For Ingrid, LunaLuz is the essence of a true credo (a true philosophy of life) urging us (inviting us) to slow down, reconnect with the feminine and take care of ourselves... and others!

A fan of minimalism, Ingrid works in the early childhood and entertainment sector. She advocates ataraxia and going back to basics within The Simple Life Community on Facebook.

“LunaLuz is the perfect alliance between craftsmanship, love of nature and delicacy”, Marine.

For Marine, today it is important to develop well-being which impacts physical and mental health. This gives meaning and complementarity to his vocation. For her, it makes sense and comes together for well-being.

“LunaLuz, for me, is a real source of light”, Déborah.

The Lunaluz brand for Déborah represents a rediscovery of nature and what it has to offer. For Déborah it is obvious that for hundreds of years we have treated our ailments thanks to plants and Nature in general. For her, having the possibility of returning to these sources is at the same time reassuring, rejuvenating and invigorating. Follow her adventures on @sorceryofthoughts