About LunaLuz Products

In France, in our Haut-Marnais workshop, we design and produce all the products ourselves, with Love, Authenticity and Passion.

The components used to make LunaLuz products are healthy and environmentally friendly.

A 100% vegetable and natural soy wax

Our wax does not emit any toxic substances. The culture is exclusively European and is guaranteed without GMOs or pesticides. The wax used is a resource that is renewable, it is safe for the environment and is biodegradable.

Ecological & reusable containers

Hand-turned by our designer Savana, the candle pots are then enameled and then fired twice at 1300°C.

Natural essential oils & perfumes from Grasse to perfume your products

The essential oils used are made locally, in Haute-Marne. They are of premium quality and organic. Grasse perfumes have been developed by a perfume manufacturer for over 40 years. From the development of the formula to the manufacture of the perfume through the choice of raw materials, everything is done in their factory in Grasse.

A beech wood wick

The wick is of natural quality , made from untreated wood, certified.

Ethically mined minerals

The minerals are chosen by us and are extracted in an eco-responsible manner.

Natural dried flowers without treatment

The flowers are harvested by us, by hand. We use crops from our garden, give a second life to the bouquets of our loved ones where we serve in the heart of Nature.

Eco-responsible packaging

Our packaging is eco-responsible (from recycled and recyclable materials).

The properties stated on our products come from indications and methods of use taken from reference books or websites in aromatherapy. They are found there regularly and many of them confirmed by observations in a scientific environment. However, this information is given for informational purposes, it cannot in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our liability. For any use for therapeutic purposes, consult a doctor.