Nouvelle Lune en Taureau : Éveillez votre potentiel et manifestez vos rêves avec Lunaluz

Reveal your potential with the power of the New Moon in Taurus!

Immerse yourself in the fertile energy of the New Moon in Taurus and let yourself be guided towards Abundance.

Approach this New Moon with confidence and let yourself be guided towards success.

Do you feel this vibrant energy emanating from the New Moon in Taurus?

This Friday, May 19, the new Moon in Taurus will occur, carrying with it a powerful energy of Renewal and Growth.

Symbolic of rebirth and materialization , this lunar phase invites us to sow the seeds of our aspirations and cultivate abundance in our lives.

It's the perfect time to reconnect with your true potential and make your most cherished projects flourish.

And guess what?

A selection of Lunaluz products is there to accompany you on this magical adventure!

Immerse yourself in abundance and the materialization of your dreams with LunaLuz products.

Imagine yourself holding in your hands the tools that will help you realize your deepest desires .

Immerse yourself in the sensory experience offered by the Serenity Candle and let your candle unleash your creative potential, during your New Moon in Taurus ritual .


It offers you a unique way to connect with yourself and create a harmonious space to manifest your intentions.

The candle is a powerful, essential tool, used at all times, by all cultures, during rituals of intention.

LunaLuz has thought of you, we have prepared one for you, to follow step by step:


  • Light the candle and let its soft glow envelop you, visualize its atmosphere of calm and tranquility.
    Breathe deeply the aroma delicate lavender, it soothes your mind and releases accumulated tensions.
    Amethyst, a stone of wisdom and balance, amplifies positive vibrations and promotes mental clarity.

  • In this peaceful atmosphere, take a moment, refocus and become aware of your desires and objectives for this new lunar phase.
    What do you really want?

  • Write your intentions on a piece of paper.
    Focus on achieving your dreams and aspirations, taking the time necessary, so that you feel accomplished.
    How does this materialize in you?

  • Place the paper near the candle and contemplate the dancing flame until you feel a feeling of calm.
    Where does it start for you? How does this spread within you?

  • Visualize your intentions coming to fruition , feel the confidence and determination growing within you.
    In what ways does it come to life?

  • Let the candle burn for as long as you feel is necessary to spread your wishes or snuff it out safely, knowing that your energy and intentions have been released into the Universe .

Allow the magic of the Serenity candle to guide you during your ritual and let your intention spread into the universe, manifesting in your reality.

Awaken your senses and create your own reality with Lunaluz crystals.

Crystals have the power to channel Universal energy and help you manifest your deepest aspirations .

Imagine yourself holding a beautiful rock crystal, amethyst or moonstone in your hands. These natural treasures, carefully selected by Lunaluz, will allow you to raise your vibration and attract abundance in all areas of your life.

We invite you to discover our collection of Lunaluz products and integrate them into your New Moon in Taurus ritual . This is your opportunity to shine and make your wildest dreams come true!

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the New Moon and let Lunaluz products guide you towards the realization of your deepest aspirations.

Remember that the New Moon in Taurus is a time of rebirth and construction . Take advantage of this energy to sow the seeds of your success and trust Lunaluz products to accompany you on this extraordinary journey.

Lunaluz - Awaken your potential, create your reality.

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