Révélation cosmique : La majestueuse Pleine Lune du 4 juillet révèle les aspirations à long terme

Cosmic Revelation: The majestic July 4 Full Moon reveals long-term aspirations

A revelation awaits you!

The summer supermoon season opens this July 3, 2023 with a Full Moon in Capricorn. An energy focused on the family, but also in the development of plans for the future.

The Full Moon of July 4, 2023 promises to be majestic, bringing with it a promise of elevation and transformation. As the first in a series of summer supermoons, it will be at its peak at 1:40 p.m. Paris time on Monday, July 3, providing a prime opportunity to observe its brightness on Sunday evening.

This Full Moon in Capricorn, so full and super, is a major astronomical event.

Sometimes called Super Moon of the Deer or Deer (because they mature at this time), at LunaLuz we like the name Full Moon of the Meadows, since it is ideally located at the start of the harvest. His energy is focused on family and developing plans for the future.

Full Moon in Capricorn, what energies?

Capricorn is not the Moon's favorite sign, it's quite the opposite. However, this Full Moon offers opportunities for reflection, assessment and orientation towards long-term projects. It is associated with rewarded hard work, hard work and the realization of deep aspirations.

The most impacted signs


As a sign ruled by the Full Moon, Capricorns will be particularly sensitive to the energies of this period. They will feel a surge of motivation and determination to achieve their long-term goals. However, it is essential for them to find a balance between work and personal life, as this Full Moon can sometimes create undue pressure.


People with a Capricorn ascendant will also be strongly influenced by this Full Moon. They may feel the need to demonstrate determination and discipline in their daily lives. However, it is important for them not to go too far in their efforts and to find moments of relaxation to avoid overwork.


Taureans will be invited to meditate on their future and evaluate their long-term plans. This Full Moon offers them the opportunity to reflect on their financial stability, professional aspirations and personal values. This is a good time to adjust their goals and take concrete steps to achieve them.


Virgos will be led to question their current positioning in relation to their old age, their retirement or their career. They may feel the need to reevaluate their choices and find a balance between their professional responsibilities and their personal well-being. This Full Moon encourages them to take care of themselves and find ways to feel fulfilled in the long term.

Full Moon Ritual with LunaLuz

The Full Meadow Moon is a great time to celebrate and perform magical acts, such as collecting magical herbs to manifest your long-term desires. To accompany this ritual, LunaLuz products offer you a selection of items specially designed to connect you to the energies of the Full Moon and support you in your personal journey.

Prepare your sacred space

Create a calm and relaxing environment. Light some candles and place your LunaLuz products within easy reach.

Purify your body and mind

Take a relaxing bath by adding a few drops of fine lavender essential oil. Let yourself be immersed in the warm water and let the tensions dissipate.

Apply LunaLuz Letting Go Roll-On:

Gently apply Roll-On Focus to your temples and neck. Take a deep breath and focus on your intentions for concentration and mental clarity.

Meditation and visualization

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Visualize yourself successfully carrying out your future plans. Feel the relaxation and emotional balance brought by the Letting Go Roll-On.

Positive affirmations

Repeat positive affirmations out loud related to your goals and your self-confidence. For example, “I am capable of carrying out my projects. I am aligned with my emotional balance and my success.”

Gratitude and closure

Express your gratitude to the Full Moon and the universe for their support. Take a few moments to give thanks and feel the fullness of the energy of the Full Moon.

Enjoy this Full Moon

The Full Moon on July 4 is a precious opportunity to connect with your inner being, clarify your long-term goals and take concrete actions to achieve them. Whether you are Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo or any other astrological sign, take advantage of the energy of this Full Moon to flourish, balance your family and professional aspirations, and get closer to your deepest dreams.

The Full Meadow Moon awaits you, offering a cosmic revelation and the opportunity to manifest your long-term aspirations. Be open, receptive and ready to embrace this transformative energy.

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