Pourquoi LunaLuz utilise de la cire de Soja dans ses bougies ?

Why does LunaLuz use soy wax in its candles?

At LunaLuz, our commitment is simple: to bring a touch of elegance to your interior while taking care of you, your body, the environment and the nature that surrounds us.

Discover the reasons why we chose soy wax:

Respect for the environment and your health

The soy wax we use is 100% natural and vegetable. It does not release any toxic substances during combustion, thus providing a healthy environment in your home. In addition, our soy wax comes from European crops guaranteed without GMOs or pesticides, thus preserving biodiversity.

Extended burn time

Enjoy a candle that lasts longer thanks to soy wax. Its low, slow burn allows for gentle diffusion of the flame, which means the candle burns more slowly compared to other types of waxes. You will be able to fully enjoy your LunaLuz candle for many hours.

Ease of cleaning

No more worries about spilling candle wax! Soy wax provides quick and easy cleaning. A little warm water is enough to remove wax stains from your favorite surfaces or clothing. Additionally, you can simply use warm water to clean your candle containers and give them a second life.

Odors preserved

Soy wax perfectly preserves the fragrances used in our scented candles, thus providing optimal olfactory diffusion throughout the combustion. The fragrances are thus preserved in the best possible way, creating a fragrant and captivating atmosphere in your space.

We hope that you too will be won over by the quality of our soy wax and the benefits it offers.

Choose a candle that respects the environment and your well-being by opting for LunaLuz.

Let yourself be enchanted by our artisanal, scented soy wax candles, created with love to light up your daily life.

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