Les Bougies Énergétiques : Démystifions les Idées Reçues pour un Bien-être Durable

Energy Candles: Let’s demystify preconceived ideas for sustainable well-being

Today we want to share with you some important information to demystify common misconceptions about energy candles. These special candles, like those offered by LunaLuz, are much more than just sources of light and scent. They are designed to bring a balanced and harmonious atmosphere to your interior while offering you energetic benefits. Let us explain to you why these preconceived ideas are far from reality.

⭐️ “An energy candle costs more”.


This belief is widely held, but it is completely wrong. In fact, LunaLuz energy candles are often more economical in the long run. For example, a single LunaLuz energy candle can last up to twice as long as a traditional commercial candle. Plus, once the candle is consumed, you can reuse its handmade container endlessly. It is therefore an economical and ecological choice.

⭐️ “Soy wax traveled around the world before being poured into my candle”.


At LunaLuz, we attach great importance to the provenance of raw materials. Our soy wax is certified GMO and pesticide free and comes exclusively from European sources. We take care to select a high quality wax that respects both your health and the environment.

⭐️ “My energy candle smells less strong than a candle with classic scents”.


At LunaLuz, our energy candles are scented only with essential oils. Unlike classic candles which use synthetic fragrances, our candles diffuse natural and beneficial aromas. Essential oils offer an exceptional olfactory experience, scenting your interior in a subtle and delicate way. In addition, they are free of toxic products, allowing you to enjoy a healthy environment.

⭐️ “The precious stones in my candle are useless”.


The precious stones present in our energy candles have an essential role. They are not there simply to decorate, but to bring energetic benefits to your living space. Like magnets, these stones carry a specific vibrational frequency that resonates with your body. They can attract or repel energies linked to their recognized beneficial properties.

Now that these preconceived ideas are debunked, we hope you are convinced of the incredible potential of energy candles. They are much more than a simple decorative accessory, they contribute to your physical, emotional and energetic well-being. Don’t hesitate to discover our LunaLuz energy candles and experience a new dimension of serenity and harmony in your daily life.

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