Les avantages écologiques des bougies LunaLuz

The ecological benefits of LunaLuz candles

Add a touch of decoration and fragrance to your home while respecting the environment with LunaLuz scented candles. Made with Grasse fragrances and essential oils, these candles are an ideal eco-friendly choice. Here's why :

Natural vegetable wax

Unlike traditional paraffin-based candles, LunaLuz candles are made from certified European soy wax without GMOs or pesticides. This means they do not release harmful chemicals when burned and are safe for your health and the environment.

Burns cleanly

Natural vegetable wax burns cleaner and smoother, avoiding harmful fumes. You can enjoy the calming ambiance of your candle without worrying about unwanted chemicals.

Benefits of essential oils

By using essential oils to scent candles, you also benefit from their therapeutic properties. Essential oils can improve your mood, mental health, and overall well-being. Their high concentration allows you to enjoy their benefits for long hours.


LunaLuz candles are handmade with care, eliminating unnecessary waste. By purchasing our candles, you are supporting a product made with love and you can feel good about your eco-friendly choice.

In conclusion, LunaLuz artisan candles scented with essential oils are not only an eco-friendly choice, but they are also beneficial for your health and well-being. Replace your traditional candles with our creations and create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere in your home.

Are you ready to succumb to the charm of our artisanal candles?

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