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Box 6 Roll-On - Essentials

Box 6 Roll-On - Essentials

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To support and accompany you throughout your day

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Discover the secret to regaining optimal emotional balance!

Our Box of 6 Roll-On LunaLuz combines the benefits of precious stones, flowers and essential oils to meet your emotional needs.

Balance your emotions throughout the day and find serenity and inner peace thanks to these roll-ons that will meet each of your needs.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to an exceptional gift that invites emotional exploration.

Order now and discover the magic of these precious natural synergies.


  • Balance your emotions
  • Helps to find serenity and inner tranquility
  • Stimulates energy and strengthens vitality


    Roll-on Let go

    • Soothes anxiety attacks
    • Easy to feel serene & peaceful
    • Allows you to regain your calm

    Roll-on Vitality

    • Helps you live in the Present moment
    • Allows you to find joy again
    • Helps to maintain optimism & positivity
    • Promotes momentum and enthusiasm

    Roll-on Sleep

    • Makes it easier to fall asleep
    • Brings restful sleep and sweet dreams
    • Significantly improves sleep quality
    • Avoid insomnia

    Menstrual Comfort Roll-on

    • Soothes menstrual pain
    • Calms heavy flows & spasms
    • Helps restore hormonal balance

    Roll-on Headache

    • Instantly calms migraines
    • Helps you listen to your body
    • Soothes headache pain

    Roll-on Confidence

    • Brings Dignity, Tolerance & Gentleness towards oneself
    • Helps you feel comfortable & confident with the outside world
    • Allows you to feel grounded & confident


    • Top words: Peppermint & fine lavender.
    • Calm & Relaxation: Petit Grain bigarade, Ylang-Ylang.
    • Joie de Vivre: Lemon and Petit Grain Bigarade.
    • Tender Night: Fine Lavender & Sweet Orange.
    • Self-Confidence: Petit Grain Bigarade & Noble Laurel.
    • Feminine Cycle: Clary Sage & Tarragon.


    Top words:

    Peppermint & fine lavender. Amethyst & Rock Crystal. Sweet almond oil. Poppy Petals

    Calm & Relaxation:

    Petit Grain bigarade, Ylang-Ylang. Amethyst & Howlite. Chamomile petals. Sweet almond oil .

    Joy of Living:

    Natural Agate & Citrine. Lemon and Petit Grain Bigarade. Sweet almond oil. Infused with calendula petals

    Tender Night:

    Amethyst & Rose Quartz. Fine Lavender & Sweet Orange. Sweet almond oil. Lavender sprigs


    Tiger's Eye & Rose Quartz. Petit Grain Bigarade & Noble Laurel. Sweet almond oil. Rose petals

    Women's Cycle:

    Citrine & Moonstone. Essential oils: Clary sage & Tarragon. Sweet almond oil. Peony Petals


    Carry out an allergy test before application: apply the roll-on to the crook of the elbow.
    If no allergic reaction is observed after 24 hours, apply the mixture. Avoid all contact with eyes. Store the mixture away from light, humidity and at room temperature .

    - Do not swallow
    - Keep out of reach of children.
    - Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women or in children under 7 years old and people with epilepsy.

    WARNING: The properties stated on our products come from indications and methods of use taken from reference books or websites in aromatherapy. This information is found regularly and much of it is confirmed by observations in a scientific environment. However, this information is given for informational purposes, it cannot in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our liability. For any use for therapeutic purposes, consult a doctor.

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    • Remèdes Ancestraux

      Redécouvrez les remèdes de nos grands-mères pour apaiser le corps & les émotions

    • 100% Naturels

      Formule unique à base de pierres, fleurs & huiles essentielles

    • Pratique

      Format roll-on à emporter partout avec vous

    • Fabrication Française

      Fabrication artisanale au Coeur de notre Atelier Haut-Marnais

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    The secret lies in our unique recipes.

    Our roll-ons are carefully formulated using the benefits of precious stones, flowers and essential oils.

    Their unique combination offers a holistic approach to soothe your emotions and promote lasting inner serenity.