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LunaLuz gift card

LunaLuz gift card

Treat yourself to this unique sensory journey.

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Giving a gift is always a special moment where through the gift we say so many beautiful things to the person who receives it.

If you want to please someone who appreciates craftsmanship, the power of stones combined with that of plants, you are in the right place!

We offer gift cards from €13: practical, they allow you to please without making a mistake while controlling your budget!

Your LunaLuz purchase promotes good environmental practices and reduces the impact on the planet.


This calendar will allow you:

1. To cultivate your well-being in multiple ways, day after day, for 1 month, by immersing yourself in a world of softness and relaxation.

2. To create moments of serenity and harmony with yourself, thus establishing a deep connection with your well-being.

3. To offer you an authentic experience that will connect you to your inner essence and encourage moments of happiness.

4. To rediscover the secrets of yesteryear, the way our grandmothers did it

Every day has a special surprise in store for you, carefully selected to awaken your emotions, stimulate your intuition and reconnect you with the magic of Christmas.


Imagine yourself every morning opening a box that transports you into a magical world, in harmony with the cycles of Nature.

The LunaLuz calendar is composed of:

  • 7 lithotherapy articles
  • 1 DIY kit
  • 4 mystery decorative objects
  • 1 purification accessories
  • 2 treatment items combining aromatherapy & lithotherapy
  • 1 energy candle
  • 2 medicinal flower infusions
  • 2 LunaLuz jewels
  • 1 LunaLuz accessory
  • 1 exclusive pottery piece
  • 2 surprise items!

*All products are in Full Size version, 100% handmade in our Workshop, using artisanal methods.

The LunaLuz advent calendar is priced at €129 for a total value of €450!

Let yourself be enchanted by unique creations designed to accompany every moment of your life, objects that help you create well-being rituals, and much more.

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